I utilize the following advertising methods and mediums to attract your Buyer Pool to your home:

  • Internet Marketing: Through Windermere's online photo galleries and NWMLS photo galleries I can track the number of potential buyers interested in your property.
  • Newsprint Advertising: Targets your specific buyer groups.
  • Advertising Materials Outside Your Home: Has potential buyers call your Agent for additional information and a private showing of your home.
  • The Listing In Northwest Multiple Listing Service: Attracts the right buyer groups and highlight important features of your home.
  • Advertising To My Client Base: Taps into my valued relationships with those people who help me in my business?o find a Targeted Buyer for your home.
  • Letter Postcard To Your Neighbors And Your Friends: Asks for their help in selling your home. This is a letter I will prepare (with your approval) for you to mail to your friends and neighbors. Remember, they may know someone who would love your home.
  • Advertising To My Valued Suppliers And The "Top 100" Agents I Work With: Designed to let all of the people I do business with know about your home. These are people I work with on a consistent basis, who have agreed to help me find buyers for my sellers (they know that my properties are always priced right and in "Top-Show" condition.

I know that these advertising tools can help sell your home - it is one of the most extensive home advertising programs in the real estate industry!

As A Result Of This Comprehensive Program My Clients Are Raving Fans Because I DELIVER!

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