The Traditional Agent Compared to the Real Estate Advocate

Initial Interview: Spend a lot of time talking about themselves, their company and their opinion of the salability of your home. Focus the initial discussion on three topics:
  • Identifying your needs
  • Educating you on the process
  • Providing information to help YOU make decisions.

Information & Advice

Information and advice are limited. The focus is getting your home on the market quickly. Written information is supplied in detail. Time is spent analyzing your needs. The focus is educating you so that YOU can make educated decisions.
Representation: Representation is a function of what the law will allow. The State of Washington allows "Consensual Dual Agency" with consent of the parties. This means that a listing agent can act as the agent for both the seller and the buyer for a property. The law does, however, require that as a consensual dual agent, the agent treat all parties fairly... but the agent cannot give advice to either party nor share information about either party with the other. Will only represent one party to any transaction. As your agent, YOU WILL BE THE ONLY PARTY REPRESENTED.

The Real Estate Advocate
Pricing Your Home To Get Top Dollar From the Market: Pricing is a function of the agents "educated guess" about value. While some market data to support value is supplied, the Traditional Agent sees it as their job to "give you a price." The importance of pricing is emphasized. You are supplied with detailed and specific market data in writing... so that YOU can choose a price that will ensure an offer AND bring you the highest return.
When Your Home Is On The Market: The marketing period is expanded. The Traditional Agent believes that getting your home on the market as quickly as possible is their assurance that your home will sell quickly. This strategy is the accepted "norm" in the industry, but may threaten the potential equity in your home by either marketing your home to the wrong buyers OR putting your home on the market before it is "merchandised" to bring you the highest return. Marketing focus is on attracting the right buyer groups to your home. Merchandising is an important part of the marketing effort, and your home does not go on the market until it can be seen in its best condition by the buyer pool. The focus is on getting the largest number of TRUE PROSPECTS to see your home in it's most appealing condition.

Negotiating An Offer:

Negotiation is about "Putting The Deal Together." The focus is on "getting the house under contract." However, even after the contract is signed by the buyer and seller, there may be more negotiation down the road. Negotiation begins LONG BEFORE AN OFFER IS RECEIVED. You have prepared your home for sale and identified your target markets in such a way that the risks of negotiation are minimized, if not eliminated. There are minimal surprises through the negotiation and closing process.
Service After Your Sale: After your home sale, what service do you receive? You may receive information from time-to-time, and you may receive a Christmas card, but your relationship usually is limited ONLY to your next real estate transaction need. A traditional agent hasn't the time to continue to build the relationship with you. Next time you need them, they may be there for you ... but they do not see the need to continue to advise you long after this transaction closes. Your home sale is JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE RELATIONSHIP. Your "Real Estate Advocate" wants to earn the right to be your "Lifetime Advisor." I am committed to adding value to your life over the long haul. I see you as an integral part of my current and future business ... and will continue to treat you with the respect and caring you deserve. You are a member of my exclusive "Valued-Client" group. As a member of this group, you will continuously and consistently receive "Value-Added Services and Information."

Generating New Business:

Every day, every week, every month and every year Traditional Agents spend a great deal of time generating new customers. Their focus is on where the next customer will come from ... and their time and money is spent generating that customer. When a transaction closes, they are back to generating the next lead. This is tough work .. and consumes vast amounts of resources: energy, time, effort and money. Therefore, they can't spend much time or money on their past customers because their focus is on generating new customers. YOU are the MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE for the "Real Estate Advocate." I am dedicated to providing you with a consistent and continuous level of "Value Added Services and Information." You will be impressed with my after-sale services well beyond the closing. As a result, I hope you will refer your friends, family, acquaintances and neighbors to me. This allows me to focus 100% of my energy and resources on consistently providing you and your referrals with exceptional service.

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