How Should the Price Be Determined?

To find an optimal asking price, your wants and needs must be balanced with the realities of the real estate market. In successfully selling your home for Top Dollar in a short period of time, the following factors will play a large role:

  • The condition of your home
  • How it has been merchandised
  • Where you decide to price your home

With my experience in real estate, I will help you determine an Asking Price that will:

  • Bring you the highest possible price, in today's market, for your specific property.
  • Allow you to determine whether selling your home now will meet your needs.
  • Be realistic - represent what a buyer will truly and honestly be willing to pay you for your home in today's market.
  • Allow you to sell your home within your time frame.
    My job as your Advocate is to:
  • Educate you about the pricing process.
  • Provide you with information about how similar houses are priced.

With information about the pricing process and current market conditions, you can make the best, educated decision.

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