Onsite Marketing

Assume for a moment, that the buyer for your home has a "Buyer Agency" relationship with a brand new Agent, or an Agent who is unfamiliar with your area, neighborhood and price range. How will that Agent overcome normal buyer objections, and sell your home to the buyer?

The systems I have developed will help you maximize your sales price in the least amount of time.

Buyers in today's market are educated and discerning about the relationship between quality, condition and price. I will help you make the best possible presentation and have the answers to Buyer questions at point-of-sale.

This information is provided to assist the Agent in preparing an offer from his or her buyer to purchase your home. I believe this is a crucial step to selling your home at the highest dollar. Therefore, I provide a number of on-site services which will allow even an inexperienced Agent to look like a Pro while ultimately selling your home over someone else's!

These on-site tools help my sellers sell their homes, and are an integral part of the merchandising and selling process:

  • Full-Color Brochures for your home, as a "take-home" for the buyer, to ensure that the buyer will remember your home more than others.
  • Agent Offer Instructions and Disclosures -including a Home Book, providing additional information to Agents. These materials are provided specifically for Agents, and give them information to share with their buyers, including Seller Disclosure (as mandated by Washington State Law), preliminary title, escrow, property and community profile information.
  • Special Feature Cards highlighting the home's unique features.

Just as when you walk into Nordstrom, you know the quality of both the service and the product you receive. These processes will make your home shine and make it easy for other Agents to look like heroes to their buyers. This brings you more dollars in a shorter period of time!

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Dick Carruthers - Realtor