Retail Marketing

Focused retail marketing implements marketing and sales tools, which will attract buyers to your home. This also includes those marketing tools inside the home which allow buyers to comfortably make a decision about your home.

These are the questions I address in designing an effective retail marketing plan to attract all the right buyers to your home:

  • In-Home Advertising: What is the purpose of these 2 sided flyers and what questions should they address? Are the flyers in your home for buyers? For agents? For us?
  • Your friends and relatives: How can I notify your friends and relatives about your buyer groups (they may know of someone who would be perfect for your home).
  • Point-Of-sale Advertising: How can I design advertising at the front of your home to have Target Buyers call your Agent?
  • Internet Marketing: How can I design internet advertising, such as photo galleries and to attract the right buyer groups?
  • Print Advertising: How can I specifically design advertising to target specific buyer groups?

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Dick Carruthers - Realtor