Selecting Your Agent

I represent you, my client, by ADVOCATING and DEFENDING your interests. This is a unique way of providing help to you.

Although the value of this approach has been an "awakening" for me, the idea of advocacy has been in existence since the time of the early Greeks. Advocacy is a certain set of attitudes, roles, behaviors, and actions between two or more people.

This approach to selling real estate was developed as a result of many discussions with Buyers and Sellers about what they expected and/or desired from their real estate Agent.

To ADVOCATE means:

  • To write or speak in favor of, or support
  • To speak, plead, argue in favor of?ne that argues for a cause
  • One who pleads on another's behalf

To DEFEND means:

  • To guard, protect, and to make or keep safe from danger, attack or harm
  • To support or maintain

As a result of understanding the impact and implications of these definitions, I have redefined:

  • The services I provide
  • The systems necessary to my business
  • And most importantly, my relationship with YOU, the client.

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Dick Carruthers - Realtor