Staging a Home

Staging your home - merchandising the space so that it will appeal to the most number of Buyers - is an art form. Effective staging can and does increase the Seller's sale price!

Selecting what to keep, what to pack, and what to move is a very important part of the selling process.

As you walk through your home, use these questions as a tool to help you see your home through the eyes of your buyer:

    Does this room feel comfortable and inviting?
  • Does this room feel spacious or does it feel small and cramped?
  • What does the furniture in this room do to enhance the feeling and size of the room?
  • What do the accent pieces and wall decorations do to enhance the feeling and size of this room?
  • Does this feel like my home, or does it feel like a space a buyer can make their own?

Experience has taught me that in "staging your home", professional assistance is a must!

Therefore, to assist in this process I employ (at my expense) interior and exterior design people whose only objective is to provide you with professional showcase assistance and help you prepare your home for sale.

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