Dick Is There for Sellers of All Ages

Sellers need the support of a professional to help them make educated decisions about their future and to facilitate a smooth home selling process. Dick’s goal is to make this process as easy as possible.

"I’ve discovered that the time we spend together in the beginning of the relationship is crucially important to your end result. For me to provide you with ‘Extraordinary Service,’ I must understand your needs and expectations. We will identify your objectives, your reasons for considering a move, and your idea of a perfect selling experience. Next we will determine the specifics of price, terms, and timing. Then I will recommend an Action Plan to meet your objectives. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs and expectations."

Here is an example of my system, working with a recent client: I visited the house, assessed the outside regarding preparation for marketing (which is also known as “staging the exterior of the home,” for those of you who watch the Home & Garden Channel), and received bids from professional landscapers. The client decided which landscaper to hire and the grounds were prepared impeccably. Secondly, I had an interior staging designer come by - at my expense - to walk through the home with the clients and recommend ways to effectively use their own things to stage the house for selling. I also set the clients up with a service to give them free bids for moving. They picked the moving company they liked best from the list of bids. The process wasn’t over. Another service came then, to haul away items not being moved to the new home. Following that, I arranged for a house cleaner and window washers to make everything look immaculate. The bottom line: No scrambling, no worries for the clients. I put together a team of professionals in all of these arenas. They didn’t have to flip through the yellow pages.

The full Resource Guide "Steps In The Selling Process" is available by request. Below is an outline of its contents and links to a few sample pages. If you'd like me to provide a free comparative market analysis of the value of your home, please give me some information by using this seller's form.

Advocacy & Promotion
Some Facts You Should Consider
The Law of Agency
Dual Agency
The Traditional Agent Compared to the Real Estate Advocate

My Mission Statement
Why Select Dick Carruthers

Your "Satisfaction Guarantee"
Guarantee: Communication and Activity Report
Guarantee: Quick Cancel
Guarantee: Multiple Move

Your Wants & Needs

What's the Best Use of Your Time?
Where Buyers Come From

Pre-Market Professional "Showcase" Consultation
Staging Your Home
Preparing the Home for Sale

Marketing Your Home
Wholesale Marketing
Retail Marketing
On-Site Marketing

Pricing Your Home
Why Not Just Price It High?
Pricing Objections
Obstacles to Proper Pricing
Things That Do Not Affect Value
History of an Overpriced Home
Graph of Market Activity vs. Time on the Market
Average Difference Between Original List Price and Selling Time by Length of Time on the Market
How Should the Price Be Determined?

The Language of Real Estate
Properties I Have SuccessfullyMarketed and/or Sold

Moving Book (available by request)

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