Focusing on Seniors and Their Specific Needs - To Have It All:

Dick has earned a “Seniors Real Estate Specialist” designation. He is passionate about working with seniors and the special people in their lives.

“Some of my clients have not moved in a long time, so a move can be daunting. Some seniors fear being taken advantage of and I can appreciate that. It is rewarding to help them from start to finish in the home buying process.”

Part of Dick’s client care is to offer a ‘one-stop’ shop. He thoroughly knows the real estate process and the significance of the many details in selling a home, whether it be finding a house cleaner or arranging for someone to stage the interior or exterior of the home and grounds. He has a system in place for listing a home - and much more. Buying and selling a home is only one part of the transition for older clients. Dick can connect clients with elder care attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals to ensure that all of their needs are met.

“There are always options. Many agents who work with seniors may automatically think of the standard solution of downsizing to a condo, but I work with specialists who can also look at other housing options, such as different types of adult homes or assisted living. I have established a network of companies to give my clients options and I show them what these options look like.”

Once clients identify which option is for them, then the company can show them floor plans, help them decide what items to take from their long-time home, have personal items appraised or find places to donate or consign for sale or auction those household items no longer needed, as well as clean the house for marketing. “I’m in the real estate business for the long term. This is my career. I work hard to earn trust and respect from the people I help today, so that I may work for them and their families in the future.”

“I enjoy working with people. Not everyone can offer the experiences I’ve had. I’ve personally experienced many different market conditions and can give appropriate guidance. I’ve been there.”

Dick’s style of selling a home is to serve and inform, and never to pressure. He has bought, built, and sold homes himself, so he can empathize with his clients who buy or sell. He understands their needs both financially and emotionally. That is why he provides his clients with detailed information about the buying and selling process to help them make informed decisions and eliminate any unpleasant surprises. Through his effective methods and honest approach to business, he has established strong credibility and a high reputation for integrity with this fellow realtors. His clients benefit because other agents want to do business with him, knowing the transaction will go smoothly and without surprises. “I am personally committed to consistent communication, follow-up, and professional conduct.”


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