Helping One Client at a Time: Margaret E. Bush

Early in 2005, Margaret E. Bush of Seattle phones Dick Carruthers. She had lived many years in your home, and she wanted to sell it and move to retirement housing. She had researched and found a suitable condo in a community geared for her age-set in Naniamo, British Columbia. Dick had worked with Mrs. Bush and her late husband in the past.

I knew from this past relationship that he would not pressure me into any decision with which I was uncomfortable. Dick very patiently led me through the various steps for putting a house up for sale and assisted me in completing all the forms and documents. He was very precise in informing me of the selling costs and of the exact percentage of the sale value of the house that would be required to cover these costs, and he listed the house at a price that attracted a large number of potential buyers. The house sold very quickly for a favorable price with minimal inconvenience to me.”

Since Margaret suffered from health issues, Dick went one step further after the sale of her home and arranged for her transition to her new home - he arranged for a limo to comfortably escort her from Seattle, through the U.S. / Canadian border, onto a ferry to Vancouver Island, and to the front step of her new home. “In all the work Dick Carruthers has done for me, I have found him to be forthright, truthful, patient, and hardworking. He has built a very successful career in real estate on personal relationships, and I would highly recommend him to any elderly person for any service they may require of him.
Margaret E. Bush, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

Here is an example of my system, working with a recent client: I visited the house, assessed the outside regarding preparation for marketing (which is also known as “staging the exterior of the home,” for those of you who watch the Home & Garden Channel), and received bids from professional landscapers. The client decided which landscaper to hire and the grounds were prepared impeccably. Secondly, I had an interior staging designer come by - at my expense - to walk through the home with the clients and recommend ways to effectively use their own things to stage the house for selling. I also set the clients up with a service to give them free bids for moving. They picked the moving company they liked best from the list of bids. The process wasn’t over. Another service came then, to haul away items not being moved to the new home. Following that, I arranged for a house cleaner and window washers to make everything look immaculate. The bottom line: No scrambling, no worries for the clients. I put together a team of professionals in all of these arenas. They didn’t have to flip through the yellow pages.

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